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Affordable housing Background


Affordable housing is highly required by Non-profit Organizations, especially in recent years with climate change and rising needs of poor people. We have noticed the Hope Village settled this issue with tiny homes. And container houses can be an option for those organizations who face similiar challenges.

How our solution meet the challenges by the features below

Cost-effective container house may release the budget pressure.

We always say the two way can be increasing the income and reducing the expenditure. Normally the container house cost less than 2000USD/unit for a 2.4m*6m square meters. Comparing with the local housing construction, container houses provide an excellent option for the industry.

Quick-to-Deploy saves supplemental cost

With Folding feature, the truck can carry more than the traditional one with lowering the average transportation cost. Furthermore, the crane on the truck can help with setting up the houses in just 5-10 mins. This features especially important for those in urgence or requirement of time to market.

Steel framework support the long lifecycle

Modular design with steel not only provide convenience of fast deployment, but also the sustainable lifecycle for over 10 years. Galvanized steel keep from the erosion of rusting, wind and waters.

Insulation sanwichboards help with harsh weather

Comparing with traditional shipping containers, the new built container house designed with insulation materials such as rock wool, glass wool and others, can help with the leading effect of air conditioner, trying to keep the inside temperature from outside and maintain the comfortness.

Easy and clean recycling when the site is removed or demolished

When the land contract expire or other situation to discontinue the living place, people can easily pack the facilities inside, fold the house and move it away easily. There are almost no ruins or construction rubbish left to the land.

The above is our thinking of the advantages of container houses being affordable house options. If you have any advices, welcome to send email to us [email protected].

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