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Collapsible container house may be an exciting mitigation for seasonal housing woes. Just as reported by SARAH RATLEDGE from Rural Innovation Exchange, 2nd Wave Media, seasonal housing woes arouse people searching for solutions. Ways of provision of spare rooms, RV parking land and garage do work fine. And we talk about the satisfying aspects of container houses in money saving, time saving and green recycling.

Collapsible container houses can meet the essence requirement of incontinuous occupation by Seasonal housing woes.

Just as we know, normal houses will be empty after the season for a long time. While container house is collapsible to move to other places. It is so obvious that we donot need compare the cost between building a house and renting a container house.

Collapsible container houses can be fast to market.

In construction the modular design has been a trend and this brings innovation. You can ask a lessor to deliver the house tomorrow and install it within 10 mins. We gonna appreciate it especially the peak time comes unexpected.

Collapsible container houses save the consumption of carbon dioxide with its long life span.

Normally a container house such as Fulinkaitai corrugated container house can be 10 years lifecyle. The house owner can keep utilizing the houses within a decade. In addition, dedicated design brings more advantages in quality, endurance and sustainability. And these brings almost no damage to the house after tanents complete the leasing.

Nothing is absolute perfect. As we bring the collapsible container house as one option, other factors we also need consider. Civil permit, land owner permits and cozyness of living tenants are also sugar ingredients when we make coffee of container house.

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