FLKT Expandable House Configuration Sheet
This is configuration sheet for potential customer of expandable container houses. Please kindly fill the items below to help us understand your requirements quickly, and we will contact you shortly. It may take 5-10 mins for you to complete the form, thanks.
This is bottom layer of floor. Item 4.1 is optional for upper layer floor. We will deliver bottom layer only if you do not select any one of Items 4.1.
Each Bedroom configuration: EPS 50mm sandwich board, quality door 970*1970mm locker with 3 keys, LED ceiling lamp 30W.
Please specify the near seaport or your location address to pickup goods. *Attention: Location means the place for a truck with container to access. Ensure the way to it is hardened or by road.
If the above configuration does not meet your requirements or any modification required, please comment here.
Your contact name please.
National code and your phone number
List his/her name and he/she can apply voucher for your order.
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