Construction workers’ mobile home –expandable container house

Construction workers’ mobile home –expandable container house

Expandable container house|Some engineering sites because the area is far away from the urban area or working hours, employees can not return home to rest, then they need a comfortable and safe accommodation, so it appears…

1. Cost-effective and environmental protection. Expandable container house as a temporary accommodation, office premises. Fast check-in is possible because of the fast setup and low cost. After the completion of the site project, the house can also be recycled or transferred to the next site for recycling. In line with environmental protection concept.

expandable container house1

2. Space and comfort. With expandable container house, for example, flexible combination. Can generally built of two layers, a large space, put 5 double beds in completely no problem. Built-in wire, reserved air conditioning socket, after installation, power can resist the hot summer and cold winter. The living comfort has also improved to some extent.

expandable container house2

3. Performance. It has stability, sound insulation, water resistance, fire resistance. The combination of the house and the magnesium plate increases the seismic performance, because the overall seismic resistance of the magnesium oxide plate material is many times higher than that of other decorative materials. The safety of the workers is more assured. In the construction of the base requirements are low, the ground can be laid directly, 3 people/day can complete 600 square meters is completely no problem. This is also the reason why it is very popular in the temporary construction market in recent years.

expandable container house3

4. Transportation. Unlike previous container house, expandable container house because “fold” can use a space greatly. Convenient transportation when changing site.

expandable container house4

Starting from the safety and comfort of workers, expandable container house can not only provide a good living environment for workers, but also improve the work efficiency of workers. For the engineering side, it also reduces the cost of arranging workers’ accommodation.

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