Different size of container houses (20ft and 40ft) are suitable for their respective uses and advantages

Different size of container houses (20ft and 40ft) are suitable for their respective uses and advantages 

The use of two different models of double wing container houses and their respective advantages show you the endless possibilities of how to use these containers in your building.

20 feet container House are generally suitable for the following purposes:

Holiday cottages: They can be used as holiday resorts, offering small and comfortable accommodations that are suitable for couples or small families.

Temporary housing: For temporary housing needs, such as temporary offices, site offices or emergency housing.

Studio: Used as an art studio, writing studio or music studio. Provide independent creative space.

Advantages of a 20-foot container home include:

Affordable: A 20 foot container is cheaper than a 40 foot container.Suitable for projects with budget constraints.

Wide applicability: They are very flexible and suitable for many uses.It can be used for both short-term and long-term accommodation.

Lightweight and portable: Easy to transport and move due to its small size.Quick installation between different sites.

size of container houses1

The 40 feet container House is suitable for a wider range of uses:

Family home: Can accommodate larger families, providing more living space and storage space.

Hotel or B&B: A luxury accommodation experience as part of a resort or tourist resort.

Office space: For large office Spaces or creative studios, suitable for businesses that need more work areas.

The benefits of a 40-foot container home include:

Spacious: Provides more interior space for projects that require more privacy or functionality.

A sense of luxury: High-end designs and equipment are easier to achieve and suitable for high-end customers or vacation accommodations

Versatility: Due to the large space, it is easier to achieve multiple uses and meet various needs.

size of container houses2

In short, different size of container houses have their own uses and advantages. Choosing a model that suits your specific needs allows you to achieve your ideal accommodation or workspace while saving costs.