Expandable Container House 20FT/To Break Space Limitations!

Expandable Container House 20FT/To Break Space Limitations!

Do you know what Expandable Container House 20FT? Creative exploration and innovation on container houses are underway…

The industry has increasingly embraced and actively explored container construction as it continues to develop and find new applications. The Benefits of Folding Modular Container Houses for B2B Construction Projects

Expandable Container House appearance

The Expandable Container House is a new housing solution. It emerged in response to the growing demand for affordable and unique living Spaces. As creative individuals seek alternative options, they have started repurposing metal containers as homes.

However, with the continuous expansion of people’s housing needs, the one-room container can not meet the living needs of the family, so the new double-wing expansion box was born.

Interior layout

Fulinkaitai Expandable Container House adds a retractable part to the original removable folding box. The Spaces spread out from the left and right sides bring the total area of the house to 36m².

According to the market feedback, the current unit price of double wing expansion box is 5000-6000 US dollars. The interior contains 1 or 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a toilet.

Advantages of Expandable Container House:

  1. Space optimization. The double-wing expansion box provides a versatile solution for expanding and contracting, effectively optimizing space.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Its rapid construction and disassembly allow it to reduce construction waste and energy consumption and environmental impact.
  3. Versatility. Customizable according to specific requirements. The double-wing expansion box is well-suited for a wide range of settings, including hotels, office spaces, and residential areas.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. Compared with traditional buildings, the cost of the double wing expansion box is lower, suitable for various budgets.
  5. Mobility. With easy relocation capabilities. The biplane expansion box is ideal for individuals who frequently move or require temporary housing solutions. Like students, and seasonal workers…
  6. Safety assurance. Mobile houses are constructed using prefabricated modules ensuring a secure and reliable structure.
  7. Tailored customization. Mobile houses can be personalized according to the preferences of residents, meeting people’s aesthetic and functional needs.
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