How temporary housing relief accommodation pressures from disaster?

Corrugated folding modular house, fulinkaitai
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temporary housing subject, decorations from wildfire.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

People are facing more and more natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires and etc., as well as man-made disaster like wars than before. Once it happend, many people turned into homeless and temporary housing is vital to aid them to reconstruct their homes.

What accommodation actions are needed after disaster?

In general, there are three steps for shelters construction when disaster happens.

The first, is emergency shelter. People need direct and urgent accommodation in the first few days to weeks. Tents work fine for it normally.

Then temporary shelter or housing may work well for the following months or years in the second step.

Finally, the local government will aid residents to reconstruct their permanent housing.

Modular houses can apply for temporary housing during the full phases above.

snapshot temporary housing from sites of earthquake, fulinkaitai
snapshot from sites of earthquake, fulinkaitai

How folding modular house differentiates?

Timely, in transportation and installation.

Folding modular house is easy to transport, only second to the tents. When massive housing requirements are coming, the local team can deliver 26 units by one 17.5m truck or 12 units in one 40’HC shipping containers, comparing with traditional 3 units of monoblock model. And this can save time and cost during transportation.

Folding modular house is quick to install. With a crane and two people, they can easily install one house in 10 mins. The accommodation camp is very fast to run to save life.

Security, in regards of anti-fire, earthquake and wind

Folding modular house is complying initially with security standard. Manufactures use rock wool for insulation materials inside the wall in case of fire, with level A. Rock wool can also help keep the warmth of the house, not so hot and not so cold. The house construction is designed to combate with recuring earthquake up to level 8. In addition, the wind resistance especially in desert areas can be reached level 10.

Personal belongs and mental awareness

After sometime living in the tents, people may realise one trouble, someone need stay inside the tent to keep your belongings. While in foling modular house, with door locker, you can save this and your family can be staying together with a safer and comfortable home.

In China and other Asian places, folding modular houses have widely applied for disaster temp shelters. In recent Turkey earthquakes, people also adopted it as its fast and cost effective features. We believe, this can help more nations and people in the future.