Temporary house solution, a resolution of mitigating Dutch housing crisis?

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Corrugated container house of Fulinkaitai

Temporary house solution | the challenges that Dutch housing facing are never solely in The Netherland, it is also a global construction workers crisis. For instance, in China, from 2019-2020, the construction workers decreased 0.4% in total as well as the average worker ages increasing to 45 years old.

Temporary house solution benefits from container houses

The container house features itself in following three aspects, in my opinion.

Prefab modular design to save the time and cost

Modular design and prefabricated production can greatly save the installation time, human labor cost and improve the site efficiency. Comparing with traditional house installations, a prefab container house can be installed with crane and workers in 30 mins.

Green Sustainable design to meet global carbon emission reduction requirements

With the steel framework structure, the container house can keep up its lifecycle at least 10 years. When the site is discontinues, what you need is just collapse the house and move to next station easily. It save a lot of wastes comparing with traditional site buildings.

Temporary house solution | Lucrative rental income to support the feasibility of operation

For container houses, the standard ROI years are 3 years in China and may vary (mostly shorter) in other countries. So, it means the operation company can benefits from the rental income recurringly. It is vital especially as many operation organizations/companies are non-profit purpose, so it is important to keep the org running on its own business model.

The above is our opinions of what container houses bring to temporary house, feel free to discuss or leave message to us.

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