The Flat Pack Container House gives you unexpected features

The Flat Pack Container House gives you unexpected features

The advantages of The Flat Pack Container House and the various occasions of use

Do you want to choose a solid and beautiful expandable container house? Let me tell you its advantages

The Flat Pack Container House Features:

1.It can not only be loaded and unloaded many times without damage but also has a beautiful appearance. Be fond of according to the requirements of customizable interior layout;

2.Because it’s a factory-made prefabricated house. Simple installation, and construction period four people can implement the installation;

3.The main material : galvanized color steel plate and color steel composite board. Make it has a good wind, sound insulation, heat insulation, seismic and other functions;

4.It is easy to maintain.If there is damage to the building, can use the standard parts for timely replacement;

5.Short delivery time. Because this house standard prefabrication production stock, production and site preparation work at the same time. Convenient installation and timely delivery.

6. It can be flat or full container transportation, maintain a variety of transportation methods, and reasonably save transportation costs.

7.Energy saving and environmental protection, the construction site will not cause construction waste, zero loss of moving site, reduce environmental pressure.

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The Flat Pack Container House Uses and applicable scenarios:

This House is simple and safe. It has low requirements on the foundation, fast installation on site, convenient relocation, multiple replacement of the housing site, long service life and so on. The house disassembly without loss, no construction waste. In a real sense, it is environmentally friendly and recyclable. The purpose of this type of housing is: office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment and combined large space use. It can meet the construction engineering camp, municipal temporary housing, field operation camp, emergency resettlement room, school, hospital, tourist post, all kinds of commercial housing needs.

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