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Cities rethink their values proposition

The need for some form of reinvention is looming. Nobody yet knows how long term social and work patterns will evolve. What is clear, however, is that people have become much more focused on their time, safety and convenience. And that, enabled by digital technologies, has created very different needs and expectations. 

Individuals will want different things (often depending on their age bracket). Some are more than content to return to a world of hourlong commutes, in-person office meetings and day-long trips to the shopping districts. Others are looking for what is being called a ‘15-minute city’; a place where people can access everything they need to live, work and play within 15 minutes of their home.

Many are asking themselves how close they must live to the city center in order to enjoy all of the benefits that flow from it. 

Over the coming years expect urban planners and city, infrastructure leaders to begin reassessing the infrastructure needs of their cities to understand not only how they deliver value to citizens today, but what citizens will consider value-adding in the future.

Source : Emerging trends in infrastructure2021, KPMG International, https://home.kpmg/infratrends