Where the double-wing expandable container house is suitable

Where the double wing expandable container house(20 feet with 2 bedroom )is suitable

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Expandable container house | Introduce the application scenarios and advantages of the double-wing folding container house produced by our company

This describes the usage and application scenarios of expandable container house

1.Granny flat

First of all, the elderly need a separate space from their children to live in. To ensure that they have an independent space. Secondly, it can take into account the convenience of children to visit and take care of the elderly. Then our double wing expandable container house is the way to go. Our double wing folding room is easy to install, reasonable space, and fully equipped inside the house.

Expandable container house 1
Inside view
2. Youth apartments

For young people are just beginning to work, after the outbreak of soaring housing prices, housing loans for young people who have just graduated from a lot of cost, our house price is appropriate, can live in 1-2 people, appearance is concise and easy, enough space, can decorate ChengXiang to all kinds of style, can fully meet the needs of contemporary young people.

Expandable container house 2
Room layout
3. Guest room

If when guests and friends visit or hold a party, it is possible to encounter the inconvenience of guest accommodation and the embarrassment of no accommodation room, you can arrange in advance to prepare a folding box room like this to arrange the accommodation of friends and relatives

Expandable container house 3
Outside view
4.Featured Resorts

First of all, the double-wing expandable container house is particularly affordable in terms of price. Second, when designing this house, more people will choose relatively simple designs. Many times, the vacation homes that tourists go to tend to have the same look, without breakthrough and novel elements to attract consumers. In this way, it is difficult for the attractions to meet the requirements for long-term operation. The most important thing is the double-wing expandable container house. In addition to being used for living, it is more important to allow tourists to have a natural and comfortable feeling that other concrete houses cannot achieve. It allows tourists to get closer to nature and relax.